Thanks a lot FTD!

It was a simple order for flowers. Thanks for completely dropping the ball on it! It all started when FTD notified me that their florist was out of blue vases; would a clear vase do? “Yes, of course!”¬†FTD then put me on hold to notify their florist. The florist was not picking up, so they left them a voicemail. “There shouldn’t be any other issues with the order. Have a nice day!” Apparently, FTD doesn’t do a very good job following up on their florists. The order never went out and it was too late to resend it. Curiously, I asked for the name of their florist that had failed to deliver and they said it’s their policy not to disclose their florists. If I were FTD, I’d at least disclose this information so that their customers could stay clear of ordering directly from that florist again. Sayonara!