Instagram Hacked

Help, my Instagram account was hacked! I’m now following hundreds of accounts. On top of that, Instagram throttles unfollows, so I can’t unfollow them easily. This did the trick:

var gotOne = false;

var myFunc = function() {
try {
document.querySelectorAll('button._0mzm-').forEach(function(elem, index) {
if (elem.innerHTML == 'Following' && index > 9) {
throw 'Halt';
} catch (e) {
gotOne = true;

var counter = 0;

var looper = setInterval(function() {
console.log("Counter is: " + counter);
gotOne = false;
if (gotOne) {
console.log("Got One!");

if (counter >= 60) {

}, 60000 + Math.floor((Math.random() * 1000) + 1));

It’s a code snippet you can paste into your browser console that slowly clicks “unfollow” on your Instagram friend list. NOTE: It might not work forever as Instagram alters their markup. But it worked for me now!

Discolored aluminum bowl went through the dishwasher

Stupid me, I ran a Dansk “Fjord” polished aluminum bowl through the dishwasher. The detergent reacted with the metal and left it dark and discolored. Tried the old wives’ tale of soaking it in a paste of Cream of Tartar. Didn’t work at all. Found some tips online that “Bar Keeper’s Friend” may work, so I gave that a try. Took a few scrubs with the rough side of a kitchen sponge (didn’t scratch it up too bad), and it looks much better. Not quite good as new (not as reflective as I remember it), but still passable at a future shindig 🙂