Amana Air Command Furnace Leaking

I had an Amana Air Command furnace that was leaking inside the burner cabinet. Apparently, this is a common problem due to the seal around the heat exchanger breaking down. Here’s what I did to get a few more months out of it before getting a new furnace.

First, you can try some high temp gasket seal. That works somewhat, but you might still have a little bit of leakage.

So you might have to use an Altoids can as a temporary trap. Use a turkey baster to slurp it up every once in a while!

But it’s impossible to stop the leak from growing. You can try some WaterWeld. That works pretty well.

But the leak will grow, and you’ll keep adding WaterWeld.

Eventually, what worked best was just to drill a small drain hole from the cabinet directly above the condensate trap. Then any water dripping into the cabinet just drips into the trap!