Delta Kitchen Faucet, Loose Handle

Do you have a Delta kitchen faucet with loose handle? (Does the handle “wiggle”?) If you unscrew the handle, you’ll see that it sits on top of a cheap plastic nub. That plastic nub wears away over time. How did I fix he wiggle? I wrapped the plastic nub with a small piece of duct tape. That provided the right amount of material for a tighter fit.

UPDATE: This worked for about 6 months before I had to reapply more tape. Better than nothing!

Glade Plugins are wicked toxic

Watch out for those Glade Plugins. They smell nice, but I would definitely recommend using a drip tray under them in case they malfunction. I had my laptop sitting underneath one whose oils started leaking. Ate a hole in the plastic cover! Luckily it did not damage the screen. I’m actually glad my laptop was in the way because who knows what it would’ve done to my hardwood floors! SC Johnson sent me a $50 check for my trouble, so we’re even.