Behr Ultra wins the award for “Most Improved”

Painted a room with standard Behr a few weeks ago. Great color (“moonlight yellow”), but bad finish. Had to do three coats! Was getting awful banding at the edges. Yes, I know, I didn’t prime. But I was painting over white walls, which is only a half-sin. Swore off Behr paint after that.

Recently, decided to give their Behr Ultra a try. It costs a little more, but they claim that you don’t have to prime under it. Worked out great. Painted a room a “brick red” with two coats. The color came out rich and consistent.

Behr, you’ve redeemed yourself!

Battery Tender did the trick

My home security system, a DSC PC500, was on the fritz. Battery kept dying every few months. These are specialty batteries that aren’t cheap ($30-40). And a service call to the security company would’ve broken the bank. So I ordered a Battery Tender Jr. from Now, every few months, I charge up the battery overnight and I’m good to go by morning. Yeah, it’s another thing to do, but it beats shelling out to the security company.