Wireless local backups for a PC and a Mac, Part II

This is part II of a post I wrote over a year ago about the Pogoplug Series 4. I’ve kept the original post up (with a huge “do not follow” banner) because I wanted to leave evidence of the hours I wasted trying to get this device to work as-is. Here are my new instructions:

1.) Wipe the existing OS and replace it with Arch Linux ARM.

2.) Install Samba.

3.) Install your favorite backup software capable of writing to a network drive (e.g. Cobian on the PC, GetBackup on the Mac).

Note that you will no longer be able to use the my.pogoplug.com cloud. That’s fine, it’s junk. You’ll notice in my original instructions that I originally tried to install Samba on Pogoplug’s native busybox OS. For weeks, backups only half-worked because the drive would get corrupted so often. I’d have to disconnect the drive, attach it to my PC, reformat it, repair it, sometimes every other week. It was useless. I can tell you that after following the above simple instructions, I have not had to touch my Pogoplug at all. Good luck!

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