Really Citibank? 3 months to resolve an obviously fraudulent charge?

I’m officially through with Citibank. Took over 3 months to resolve 3 fraudulent charges, all made on the same day to Playstation and XBox. I don’t even have a video game system! Citibank kept reinstating the charge for reasons that I still don’t understand. I called them the day that I received my statement in the mail. They told me to call each company on my own, which I did immediately. The customer service reps at Playstation and XBox were confused – “Isn’t your credit card company supposed to be handling this for you?” Yes, one would think. Every rep I talked to at Citibank could not explain to me why the charges kept getting reinstated without any warning. Well, they’re finally gone after 3 months. And so is the card, cut up and in the trash. Goodbye, Citibank!

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