T-Mobile Hidden Charges

My wife needed a new iPhone, so I called a local T-Mobile store and inquired if they had any iPhone 13 Mini’s in stock. They said they did and would put one aside for me. They told me the price and said that we could get a $200 trade-in on our old phone. I agreed and my wife went to the store. The employee transferred her info from her old phone, took it, and sold her the new phone plus a power adapter. When checking out, the bill was almost $100 so she asked why it was so high and he said, “Taxes plus the power adapter”, and walked away. When she got home and I looked at the receipt, there was a bogus $30 “upgrade support charge” line item on the receipt. Not only did no one ever mention this charge up front, but even when the clerk was questioned at the end, he simply called it a “tax”. It is not a tax, it is a fee. Moreover, it’s a fee that was not disclosed upfront, making it a scam. I am less concerned about the $30 than the numerous people who are being scammed by this undisclosed “fee”. Furthermore, misrepresenting fees as taxes is surely frowned upon by the state.

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