CheapOAir – the name says it all

This week, I was researching flights for a summer trip. I came across a good fare at via the aggregator I purchased the tickets for $2300, noting the big “NON-REFUNDABLE” message before submitting. The next evening, I received an email from CheapOAir stating that the tickets could not be issued. They offered an alternate itinerary (for incorrect dates) for $2800. I sat on hold until I could reach a human for an explanation. They said that the flight I had booked was cancelled, which was a lie – I checked on another website while they were on the phone. I asked why they weren’t going to honor their price when I had already submitted my purchase and the flight was in fact available. They said that my purchase price was due to a technical glitch and they weren’t obligated to honor it. How is this not bait-and-switch? It took them an entire day to get back to me while other flights I had considered were now higher. If they want to make it a fair fight, they should state that all tickets are cancellable within 48 hours so that I can at least go through the trouble of purchasing backup tickets!

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