OvernightPrints: You’ll end up wasting more $ than you save

I came across OvernightPrints when I was searching for a press to print some greeting cards I was producing. The prices looked good, so I decided to print a small batch. The quality was decent, so I decided to put in a larger order. Lesson #1: The first order is always going to be your best order.

The next order arrived and I was disappointed to see that they’d done such a shoddy job packaging the prints. It got a little wet sitting under my porch and they hadn’t even sealed the box correctly, so I was afraid that the rain had seeped in.

That turned out to be the least of my worries when I opened the box. Do you see anything wrong with these cards (below)?

They’re the wrong cards! They were for some dentist office in Wisconsin. Wow, who fulfills an order with the wrong contents? I called OvernightPrints and was confronted with the rudest rep. I asked if they wanted me to describe the cards sent to me so they could inform their other customer of the mismatch. “They’ll figure it out.” I also told them about their packaging issues. A simple strip of tape around the edges (DUH, who doesn’t seal the edges of a box?) would go a long way in protecting contents. At this point, I don’t think the rep was even listening to me.

Next order came, same problem. The box hadn’t been sealed and the contents were literally spilling out. Luckily, it was not raining this time so only the top cards were a little dusty.

I opened the box and what surprise awaited? The cards were of such substandard quality that I couldn’t use them. There was dirt smudges on them as if it’d been run through dirty rollers.

And the cards looked like they’d been cut with a bread-knife.

I complained again. The cards were unusable and I did not want them. They were holiday cards and it was already too late to order more. I asked for a credit. “Sorry, we’ll only reprint the same order.” I explained that they were holiday cards and it was too late to use them. I’d like a credit on my NEXT order. “No, you’ll have to ship them back to us.” Well, the pictures speak for themselves and I do not have the time to run to the post office and waste more $ to correct OvernightPrints’ repeated mistakes. It’s not worth my time and besides, the quality of their printing was laughable.

I moved on and have had way better results with a company called Uprinting. Lesson learned!

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