Maytag POS “2000 Series” Washer (Model MHWE201YW)

Bought this washer about 5 years ago. A few years in, its water pump failed. Had to replace that myself. There’s always water sitting in the detergent cups after a load (probably a manufacturer defect). It has a bad door seal and leaks water, but that comes and goes. The worst problem is that the drum sits a bit too far away from the door and sometimes clothes get trapped and mangled/ripped/torn.


This happens once every few months. I’ve been able to avoid it recently by always overriding the spin cycle to high or medium (instead of extra-high). I also consciously fill the drum with fewer¬†clothes.¬†Fingers crossed that that continues to work. Of course, the downside is that I now waste more electricity drying wetter (and fewer) clothes.

What a POS.

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