Lenovo Ideapad Y550

Worst laptop I’ve ever owned. Loaded with bloatware. And don’t get me started about how they swapped the Ctrl and Fn keys on their keyboard. So annoying!  Then a few days after it arrived, I noticed that a pixel had burned out. I called Lenovo immediately and, wanting to give them a second chance, asked for a replacement rather than a refund. “We only consider it a defect if several pixels are burned out.” WHAT?! Thanks for the “new” laptop with an annoying black dot on the screen! After giving me the runaround, I finally got a replacement. Then, my credit card statement arrived. Yup, they didn’t even give me a full refund, tried to charge me a restocking fee. Again with the runaround. Then, the most amazing thing happened: someone broke into my house and stole this horrible laptop! Praise Flying Spaghetti Monster!
…loving my new Sony VAIO.

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