Fast, quiet, troublefree. Enough said. Okay, the screen’s a little “washed out” and it has these weird proprietary slots for “Sony Memory Sticks,” but overall a great laptop. Thanks Sony!

One thought on “Sony VAIO VGN-NW230G”

  1. (Personal Computers) This is a nice looking mnhicae, suitable for home users and business types, but not for serious gamers due to its lacking a dedicated graphics processor. It is very solidly built, with no creaking or flexing, and feels very nice to the touch. The touchpad is responsive and has a full area click feature, with the right-hand lower corner reserved for right-clicks. A slight downside is that while clicking, the mouse sometimes drifts away slightly as you are still on the touch surface; I found tapping the touchpad more reliable.The screen is bright and has good viewing angles for this type of device. The screen is glossy and not matte, so it can act like a mirror in bright environments. The resolution is also fine for a screen of this size. It is no retina display for sure as close inspection of letters reveals the step-like stagger of pixellation. However, the key word there is close: at the normal screen to eye distance the stagger is smoothed away naturally not a deal breaker for me.The webcam is great and produces good colour representation from what I have seen. I have not tried it in low light conditions yet. The microphone also picks up sound very well, so no shouting required.The speakers are surprisingly good and completely hidden. My wife bought an albeit-cheap ($9), USB-powered pair of external speakers before she tried the laptop’s and she really should not have bothered: the laptop outperformed them in every way.Speaking of sound, then cooling fan is audible at full throttle, but is is acceptably quiet.Ports-wise, this laptop is well-endowed, especially given its ultrabook form factor: LAN port, VGA, full HDMI, SD & Pro Duo card slot, headphone port, 1x USB 2.0, 1x USB 3.0 (also a sleeping-charge port for external devices).The keyboard is clickless and has that nice resist and collapse feel, so no sponginess.All of this for $800 is an absolute bargain frankly. If you plan on getting Windows 8, get Windows 7 Home Premium as Microsoft offers an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $15.

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